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Split Units

If you have been heating and cooling a living space with noisy window and/or floor units, we’ve got some great news for you: a ductless mini-split system can provide heating and cooling without the need for ductwork!

Split System Design

A normal air conditioning system is called a split system because part of the equipment is located outside and part of the equipment is located inside. Split systems require ducting to distribute air.

A mini-split system still uses the split system design, but the indoor air handler is mounted in close proximity to the outdoor unit. Refrigerant lines from the outdoor ductless air conditioner (or heat pump) run inside to the air handler which then circulates and conditioned air in a living space.

Multiple Rooms

If you have more than one room that doesn’t have ducting, a mini-split system can still handle the job. Either more than one outdoor unit can be used, or a single outdoor unit can be used to power more than one air handler. Each indoor unit has its own controls.


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